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Here’s where to import Return to The Circle Undone in the US

What’s the deal with Return to TCU? Similar to the great Marvel Champions LCG hero pack drought of mid-2020 (in which three hero packs were delayed in the US, but released basically everywhere else worldwide), a similar situation has happened for Arkham Horror LCG. This time it impacts The Return to The Circle Undone: aContinue reading “Here’s where to import Return to The Circle Undone in the US”

Arkham Horror LCG interview and stream resources

Game preservation/history is a very important topic that isn’t talked about enough. This is a running log of interviews from FFG representatives about Arkham Horror LCG. If you have an interview to add to this page, contact us at hallofheroescontact(at)gmail.com Key Arkham Horror LCG staff: MJ Newman – Lead Designer Jeremy Zwirn – Designer DanielContinue reading “Arkham Horror LCG interview and stream resources”