Here’s where to import Return to The Circle Undone in the US

What’s the deal with Return to TCU?

Similar to the great Marvel Champions LCG hero pack drought of mid-2020 (in which three hero packs were delayed in the US, but released basically everywhere else worldwide), a similar situation has happened for Arkham Horror LCG.

This time it impacts The Return to The Circle Undone: a “return to” box that might be of interest to everyone because it packs in game-changing tarot cards that you can use in any campaign, not just the box itself.

As far as the US is concerned, there isn’t even a release date for Return to TCU. It was slated for July 16 (at the time of publication!), but it’s been pushed off the calendar indefinitely. Note that Asmodee has put the box back on the US schedule for August 27 as of July 28. We will be monitoring the situation, but suffice to say it could be on the way.

So without further ado, here are some community-sourced options for easy-importing from Europe to the US. Note that some of these stores also ship to different territories outside of the US, so give them a go. We will also be updating this page as new info comes in – feel free to send us a tip to halloflcg(at)

Board Game Extras

So you can find Return to TCU right here for £22.50, or roughly $31 US. Shipping is £13.00. When I ordered, the price of the Return to box was actually £18.75 in my cart, for a total of £31.75. With shipping, your order could come out to around $43 US.

The US MSRP of the box is $30. So for around $13, you’re getting it early, and shipped overseas. Not bad!

I ordered through this retailer myself and my order shipped the next day. It arrived in the US in nine days. My copy from Board Game Extras is pictured above.

Games Lore

A community member [thanks QuietEngineer5!] has also recommended Games Lore, which ships worldwide.

You can find the listing here for £23.99. It uses tracked royal mail and shipping is £17.61 for a total of £37.60 to the US.

Zatu Games

Another recommendation is Zatu Games, which has it listed for £26.59.

United States shipping can go up to £32.46 (tracked), which puts the total at a whopping £54.62.

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