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Hall of Heroes has opened its community Discord! Please come in and join the conversation

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Here are some import options for Return to TCU, given the US delay

FAQ 1.9 is out

The new Revised Core has been revealed

Roland Banks’ parallel investigator and scenario have been released

The next cycle, Edge of the Earth, has been revealed

The Return to the Circle Undone page is up and we are adding spoilers to it

Return to The Circle Undone is confirmed for June 25, check out all of the release dates here

You can find an up-to-date Innsmouth insert here, as well as a War of the Outer Gods insert here

We were able to test out the new Sleeve Kings 1:1 FFG sleeve replicas, check out our impressions

The news article for Into the Maelstrom has revealed some new cards

Our promos page has been reworked and includes the newest OP kit

The news article for The Lair of the Dagon has revealed some new cards

Parallel Agnes and the Bad Blood scenario are out!

The new FAQ (1.8) and Taboo list is live! You can find all of the changes here

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