Arkham Horror LCG interview and stream resources

Game preservation/history is a very important topic that isn’t talked about enough. This is a running log of interviews from FFG representatives about Arkham Horror LCG.

If you have an interview to add to this page, contact us at hallofheroescontact(at)

Key Arkham Horror LCG staff:

MJ Newman – Lead Designer

Jeremy Zwirn – Designer

Daniel Schaefer – Designer

Nate French – Executive Game Designer

Evan Johnson – Marketing Manager

Mercedes Opheim – Card Game Manager

Brooke Robison – Former Marketing Coordinator

Brad Andres – Former Designer

Andrew Navaro – Former Head of Studio

August 2016:

First FFG news post for Arkham Horror LCG

Arkham Knights including Arkham LCG introductory post

Learning Arkham with Team Covenant with an FFG rep

October 2016:

Arkham Horror LCG Arkham Knights presentation with MJ and Nate

November 2016:

Board Games Reddit AMA with MJ

February 2017:

Mythos Busters interviews MJNewman and Nate French

March 2017:

Designing Cooperative Games Team Covenant interview with MJ

April 2017:

Bad Publicity interview with MJ and Brad

May 2017:

Path to Carcosa Team Covenant stream with MJ

Mythos Busters interview Team Covenant (not developer related)

June 2017:

Arkham Horror LCG Tutorial Video

ArkhamPi interviews MJ on the Core Set

July 2017:

Drawn to the Flame interview with MJ after Dunwich

March 2018:

Calvin Wright introduction from MJ

April 2018:

Mythos Busters interviews MJ

Drawn to the Flame interview with MJ after Carcosa

June 2018:

The Return of the Designer Journal with Nate

So You Want to be a Game Designer… Designer Journal with Nate

State of the LCG with Nate, Mercedes, Andrew and MJ

Return to the Night of the Zealot Team Covenant playthrough with MJ

July 2018:

Arkhamtypes Designer Journal with MJ

Then it Multiplied Designer Journal with MJ

August 2018:

What’s in a Name, the art of naming cards with Brad

September 2018:

Death Itself Designer Challenge from MJ

November 2018:

Arkham Chronicle interview with Alex Watkins of Organized Play (OP)

December 2018:

Drawn to the Flame interview with MJ after The Forgotten Age

January 2019:

Gaming Resolutions with MJ and Nate

Marie Lambeau introduction from MJ

MJ Newman storytelling Designer Journal

February 2019:

MJ and Brooke talk Joe Diamond with Arkham Chronicle

April 2019:

Arkham Horror Circle Undone stream with MJ, Evan and Brooke Part 1 (Part 2)

July 2019:

Arkham Horror Ghost Hunt with MJ and Nicholas

Deck Building stream with Evan and MJ

August 2019:

FFG Employee Art/Cameos Kotaku piece

September 2019:

Arkham Horror Dream Eaters stream with MJ, Evan and Brooke Part 1 (Part 2)

Lessons of Amateur Game Design from MJ, Jeremy and Nate

Arkham Horror LCG Reddit AMA with MJ

Drawn to the Flame interview with MJ after The Circle Undone

November 2019:

Arkham Horror Murder at the Excelsior Hotel stream with MJ

Mythos Busters interview with artist Andreia Ugrai

January 2020:

The Great Old Ones Gaming interview with MJ

February 2020:

Arkham Horror AMA with MJ and Jeremy

March 2020:

Investigator Starter Decks announcement stream

Team Covenant interview with FFG’s Steve Horvath that touches on LCGs

April 2020:

Innsmouth Horror announcement stream

May 2020:

Play Together While Apart blog

June 2020:

Innsmouth Lore stream with MJ, Katrina and Phil

July 2020:

Drawn to the Flame interview with MJ after The Dream-Eaters

July 2020 InFlight Report

Whisperer in the Darkness interview with Richard Lee Byers (novella author)

August 2020:

GenCon Online 2020: Arkham Horror LCG Design a Card stream

September 2020:

Barkham Horror Scenario Gameplay (Starts at 9:00)

October 2020:

Innsmouth Conspiracy stream with MJ, Evan and Jeremy

November 2020:

Behind the Curtain: Enemies, from MJ Newman

December 2020:

Mythos Busters “meme stream” with MJ Newman

Behind the Curtain: Scenarios, from MJ Newman

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