Arkham Horror LCG storage solutions

We’re looking to add to this list over time, so if you have a storage solution, contact us at halloflcg(at)! Not all entries will be accepted.

Your first step should be searching for Arkham Horror LCG on Etsy.

Check out our Marvel Champions LCG storage solutions article here and our Lord of the Rings LCG storage solutions article here.

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Card storage

All Arkham Horror LCG player cards to date are comfortably stored in a 3-inch binder. A 3-inch binder holds all player cards for Lord of the Rings LCG, which is a nearly decade old game.

Dividers are used to separate each class type (this set gets you every single aspect color, with white used for neutral cards and pink or Mystic). A note: you may want to go 4-inch just in case.

We here at Hall of Arkham used the Artist’s Case solution to store cards.

Encounter/player cards can be stored in the “Artist’s Case” from Hobby Lobby  [try this link for the newer model if the other one isn’t working], which will run you $24.99 on sale (it’s almost always on sale). You can also look for coupons, which work online.

When building our solution, we picked up a Broken Token insert (or any insert) for the case. As you can see with the above image that has all of Arkham Horror’s encounter sets up to Dream-Eaters (all deluxes and mythos packs), as well as standalone scenarios stored, there is plenty of room to grow.

Daydream Gaming also sells special boxes themed around campaigns.

You can locate their storefront here.

Harbor Freight sells a reasonably priced aluminum case that you can use to store cards.

Matthew Ellgass went all-out for their storage solution.

They used the Hobby Lobby artist case with the Broken Token insert pictured at the top of this blog, but they also used “Return To” boxes for storage as well as Arkham Nights event boxes. The Hobby Lobby faux leather trunk (editor’s note: Home Depot and other stores sell cheap faux trunks too) was utilized for token and deck storage, with glass jars from Hobby Lobby for token storage.

The boards and tokens are from Team Covenant, with the deck boxes from Elder Dice. The Chaos Token bags are from FFG or Arkham Nights. They also used coin capsules (26mm) for tokens.

ti2l (above) also crafted an elaborate DIY solution, and you can find the guide here.

You can also make your own tuck boxes.

Most of these products are featured below, or linked above.

You can find more information on foam core here.

Spice up the original box

Scott Plays uses a combination of foam, dividers and a custom core set box insert for Marvel LCG – a process you can use on the core box for any LCG.

You can find more information on foam core here.

Stephanie Richards, directly above, used the Folded Space insert.

You can also get really creative like Make Your Piece Games did with this custom box for Marvel LCG (instructions here).

Harbor Freight sells a reasonably priced aluminum case that you can use to store cards.

Deck boxes

Burger Tokens sells smaller perfect-fit deck boxes.

You can also make your own tuck boxes.

Cheap clear card boxes are also an option.

JACTPrints sells deck boxes and accessories for Arkham Horror.

Portable bags/backpacks

These tend to run on the pricey side, but if you’re constantly going from place to place, they can do the trick. We’ve tested out the Enhance Backpack, and have found that cards stay very snug when walking around.

Another option is the Pirate Lab card case.

The Cards Against Humanity Big Box

This huge box is also an option for people who are looking for a higher quality way to store their cards.

You can find it for $14.99 on Amazon.

Klever Cases and Bellagio Italia binders

These are a very interesting, very Arkham-centric thematic option.

Klever Case makes faux books as well as faux binders that serve as storage.

You can find a community review on them here.

These Bellagio Italia binders can also work with the old-timey theme.

IKEA storage

Several community members have recommended the “Moppe” box from IKEA. It’s a cheap $20 wooden box that allows for card storage. Here’s a tutorial for how to better use it for storage.


“Fancy but functional” is a perfect description for these.

If you’re up for the price, this vendor sells Kallaz Boxes for storage for all three LCGs.

Plain old plano or card boxes

The perfect storage solution for anything, even Gloomhaven and Marvel Champions! Plano Boxes will do the trick for storing tokens and bits.

You can go even cheaper for card storage and buy cardboard boxes for a few bucks.

StoneMaier Games sells cheap plastic resource containers specifically made for tabletop games.

Tarot card storage

CottageofCuriosities sells a Tarot card stand for the Return to Circle Undone tarot deck.


Tesseract Games has a great dividers storefront.

These binder page placeholders from tshelley are genius if you’re a binder user.

Printable backgrounds

Francisco Owens managed to craft this stunning background, which can be swapped out for each campaign.

To craft them, they used these bases, then printed them on two 11×17 sheets on a color printer: sticking them together, spray-mounted on cardboard.

Nathan Early has some incredible custom setups on display on their Instagram account.

Mobile phone/tablet and card holders

Mobile phone holders can display cards nicely. One big model is called “Bergenes” at IKEA and are very cheap.

Similarly, business card holders can hold multiple quest/agenda/scheme cards at once.

This set has been recommended by a community member.

TabletopUpgrades sells a product called “The Altar” (pictured above) that can hold acts, agendas, and scenario cards.

You can find it at their store here.


There are official FFG playmats for Arkham Horror LCG, but they are almost always out of stock.

Try additional storefronts like MomoMonsterCo, which produces playmats like the one you see above. You can find their official storefront here in addition to their Etsy shop.

Inked Gaming also has some appropriately themed Arkham mats.

Playmat storage

You can grab tubes like these on Amazon or most gaming stores.

Check out all of the official playmats for Arkham at the bottom of this page.

LEGO Investigators

Community members have come up with an ingenious way to manually order LEGO investigator figures by choosing select parts.

You can find the spreadsheet from community member Antimarkovnikov here.

Investigator Minis

PerfectStores sells miniature investigators, but many retailers will print custom figures if you can get them a design.

You can print a few of your own here.

MT3D Forge has a Patreon that caters to 3D models for Arkham LCG

Investigator Standees and Sleeves

You can 3D-print your own standees rather easily!

FFG sells some on their site, and the community reports that they work with the investigator portraits.

The community reports that these place card holders work great for Arkham Horror.

You can also sleeve your mini investigator cards. The sleeve type is “American Mini,” and the dimensions are 41mm x 63mm. You can find a sample pack here.

There are Arkham art sleeves, but they are generally out of print and hard to find. Try eBay.

If you need FFG sleeve replacements for their discontinued line, read this post here.

Token storage and Chaos Bags

Douglass Ladd crafted their own themed token jar storage for Arkham Horror LCG.

They used containers from Hobby Lobby, designing the labels in Adobe Illustrator, printed on laser color print, applied with a 3m mounting adhesive.

CaddyMax makes a universal component/token organizer that works great for LCG tokens

Many Arkham Horror LCG community members purchase “coin capsules” to give the Chaos Tokens heft. Although there is a debate as to what the best size is, many have settled on 26mm.

I personally use these 25mm capsules, and although they are a tight fit, they work for me.

If you want to go all-out, you can also opt for a token coin holder.

The above is a great video on everything coin capsule related.

You can find all sorts of Chaos Bags on Amazon or Etsy, but this one with the all-seeing eye is by far my favorite.

GeekCraftShop sells multiple Chaos Bags.

DiceBagsUK sells this Elder Sign bag among many others at their storefront.

Campaign books

This might be my favorite custom content idea of all: campaign books.

Community member Antimarkovnikov has found an easy solution for printing your own campaign books using text from the inserts provided by each deluxe box/mythos pack run.

One of the easiest ways to get them printed is through Barnes & Nobel Press, novella size. Create an account, then select “create a new book,” and “keep it personal.” Page sizes are 6×9, with interior print color black/white and hardcover with printed case. Prices per book range from roughly $10 (Night of the Zealot) to roughly $25 for the last few cycles.

You can find the Google Drive for them here.

There is also another Google Drive project here.

3D Printers

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The Ender-3 V2 3D Printer is described by one user as a great entry-level, budget option. At the time of publication, this model is below $300, which is on the low-end for 3D printers.

You can find its listing here. For further help, there is a large Ender-3 Facebook community that is willing to answer questions.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3d.jpg

Prusa has been recommended by at least one token maker in the LCG community. The Prusa I3 MK3 is described as a “no fuss” 3D printer that can handle a wide variety of products. Pre-assembled, it costs roughly $999.00. Assembling it yourself as a “kit” costs $749.00.

You can find a list of Prusa models here.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 23.jpg

To give you an idea on time: printing tokens takes roughly 10 minutes each depending on the design, while printing something like this could take several hours.

For more information and further assistance, you can check the 3D printing Reddit.

You can find a quick 3D-printing tutorial here from Make Your Piece Games.

Token Storage

There are several token storage options that range from cheap to expensive. You should probably start with good old plano boxes, which have their own section above.

You can also opt for these smaller, even cheaper small waterproof plano boxes.

Or, you can get fancy with cylinder stackable containers (pictured above).

X-Trayz are relatively cheap, ranging in the $2~ range per container.

You can also opt for a Go7Gaming universal storage tray, or the same concept from Buy the Same Token.

Finally, this CaddyMax universal storage tray is an option for several games.

Wait, what about tokens?! I’m glad you asked.


Buy the Same Token

Buy the Same Token crafts some of the best tokens in the tabletop business, and they have an extensive Arkham Horror LCG line.

You can find their Arkham storefront here.


Aurbits are high quality fiberglass tokens and some of the most decadent things you can purchase for LCGs.

You can find Arkham Aurbits tokens here

Burger Tokens

Burger Tokens are one of the cheapest options you can buy because you assemble the tokens yourself with pennies.

Everything you see above will run you $25 before shipping. You can find their storefront here.

Dracula’s Tokens

For many years, Dracula’s Tokens (or Drac’s Tokens) have been my go-to choice for every LCG on the market.

You can find their store here on Etsy.

Daydream Tokens

Daydream is a great middle-of-the-road token option that sells several unique offerings, like location tracking tokens.

You can find their storefront here.

Boardgamer By Night

This store sells several unique tokens, including wonderfully made keys for Innsmouth Conspiracy.

Here is their store.

Super cheap location markers

A community member suggests these super cheap “teacher resource” spinners to double as location markers!

Another community member suggests picking up antique keys to use as thematic markers. You can find an example here.

Team Covenant

Team Covenant has been one of the longest supporters of Arkham Horror LCG and has built up an expansive storefront of products at this point; including boards and tokens.

You can find their Arkham Horror LCG store here.


Craftomancer sells these gorgeous Arkham Horror LCG investigator boards on their Etsy shop.


Schoonerlabs sells various dials and custom tokens that may work for multiple games.


You can find their store here.

Luxury Playstyle

These tokens are extremely pricey, but are an option if you really want to bling your game out.

You can find them here.

Make your own

Although the above image is Marvel Champions LCG related, Make Your Piece Games has a great blog on how to craft your own professional looking tokens. They also have an Etsy shop!

The Bell of Lost Souls blog also has a fantastic “level up your tokens” guide.

Another blog for crafting glass cabochon tokens can be found here.

If you’re looking to store tokens, mini ziplock bags are a great option.

You can also follow this video tutorial to make your own boxes.

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