Arkham Horror LCG Community Resources

Your first stop should be our extras section, which has bonuses for new and veteran players.

Here is a full list of all Arkham Horror LCG interviews/streams from FFG

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Mythos Busters

League of Extraordinary Investigators

The Great Old Ones

Drawn to the Flame (Patrons-only)

Arkham Horror LCG Russian server

New Player Guides:

Official Arkham Horror FFG tutorial video

Arkham Horror 101 tutorial video from WingingIt

True Solo Deckbuilding Basics from Cuherdir

Roll for Crit tutorial video

Pallid Cast Detective Agency Tabletop Simulator (TTS) video tutorial

How to play Arkham Horror LCG on Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

How to play Arkham Horror LCG with Team Covenant

BGG player introduction

Next Level Plays ArkhamDB guides

The Giant Brain Beginner’s Guide

Product rundown FAQ from mattastr0phic

Mythos Busters [Part One | Part Two]

Drawn to the Flame [Intro | Deckbuilding | Tips | Encounter Cards | Experience | True Solo


Mythos Busters

Drawn to the Flame

Miskatonic University Radio

Rite of Seeking

Arkham Central

Team Covenant

Wolf’s Gaming Blog

Fistful of Meeples

Ancient Evils

It’s Writing Itself!

All Things Under Heaven and Earth

The Giant Brain

Tabletop Timesinks


I Rebel

Obscure Studies

3 Aces (and 7 other things)

Mysterious Chanting (custom content)

Los archivos de Arkham [Spanish language blog]


Mythos Busters

The Whisperer in the Darkness

Arkham Chronicle


Until the End of Time

Northern Lights Over Arkham


Playing Board Games

Lost in Time and Space

Twisted Tentacle Inn


Solo Playthroughs


Optimal Play

Dice vs. Cards

Mana Burn Gaming

Eye of Truth

Team Covenant (Friday Arkham Streams)


KodabGames (Sunday Arkham streams)


Mythos Busters

Big Stupid Grin

Greatt Old Ones Gaming


Social Media Communities:

Arkham Horror LCG Reddit Community

Arkham Horror LCG Facebook Community

Arkham Horror LCG Board Game Geek Community


Mythos Busters

Drawn to the Flame

Great Old Ones Gaming

I’ve Got a Plan!

Miskatonic University Radio

To Live and Die in Arkham

The Card Game Cooperative (all co-op, but focuses on FFG LCGs)

Team Covenant (general tabletop, but occasionally talks Arkham)


Arkham Cards [Android | iOS]

Data/deckbuilding sites:


Arkham Horror LCG OCTGN Hub



Arkham Enemies List


Arkham Horror LCG singles


Official FFG materials:

Arkham Horror LCG Product Site

Fantasy Flight Games YouTube

FFGLive Twitch channel (2PM ET streams)

FFG Organized Play (OP) Newsletter Subscription Link

Old/Defunct content:

Entropy Mag


The Atlas Agency

The Strange Solution

Creaking Shelves

Curtis Miller’s Arkham Horror LCG Site