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Core Set

Roland Banks

Daisy Walker

“Skids” O’Toole

Agnes Baker

Wendy Adams

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The Dunwich Horror

Zoey Samaras

Rex Murphy

Jenny Barnes

Jim Culver

“Ashcan” Pete

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The Path to Carcosa

Mark Harrigan

Minh Thi Phan

Sefina Rousseau

Akachi Onyele

William Yorick

Lola Hayes

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The Forgotten Age

Leo Anderson

Ursula Downs

Finn Edwards

Father Mateo

Calvin Wright

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The Circle Undone

Carolyn Fern

Joe Diamond

Preston Fairmont

Diana Stanley

Rita Young

Marie Lambeau

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The Dream-Eaters

Tommy Muldoon

Mandy Thompson

Tony Morgan

Luke Robinson

Patrice Hathaway

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The Innsmouth Conspiracy

Sister Mary

Amanda Sharpe

Trish Scarborough

Dexter Drake

Silas Marsh

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Edge of the Earth

Lily Chen

Norman Withers

Monterey Jack

Daniela Reyes

Bob Jenkins

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Investigator Starter Decks

Nathaniel Cho

Harvey Walters

Winifred Habbamock

Jacqueline Fine

Stella Clark

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Parallel Investigators

Parallel Daisy Walker

Parallel Skids O’Toole

Parallel Agnes Baker

Parallel Roland Banks

Parallel Wendy Adams

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Barkham Horror

Bark Harrigan

Kate Winthpup

“Skids” O’Drool

Jacqueline Canine


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